IDEALLY – How the world should’ve/could’ve/might still be

My name is Eirik Bergesen. I am Norwegian, currently living in Brussels. Suddenly it dawned on me, time to get with this Information Revolution. Seems to be catching on. Seriously (and I’m wearing a suit to emphasize this), with the current technology, I see a more knowledgable, more democratic world peeking at us from around the corner. Spreading the word will so more often than not be a force of good. So, go spread.


Q: Who do you prefer over Obama and Clinton?
A: Nice try, superdelegate. You’re on your own on this one. Key word: change. No, the other kind.

Q: How will your blog save the world?
A: It won’t. The internet is a conversation that requires that all of us take time to share our hopes and concerns… 

Q: Isn’t that easy for you to say?
A: … don’t interrupt… but most importantly, many people don’t have the means or the freedom to express themselves on the internet. That is perhaps the ultimate challenge of The Information Age.

A: Isn’t this just words?
Q: Just words? Kennedy and King. Just words?

Q: Hey, I’m asking the questions, Xerox boy. You seem naive. And somewhat smug.
A: I think we all just have to try our best and… wait, that’s not a question.

Q: Why such an obnoxious title – Ideally?
A: Because I like the way it tingles on my tongue when I say it.

Q: Should you be spending you time better?
A: Stop asking and play your part!


5 responses to “About

  1. Anne Juel Jorgensen

    Congrats Eirik, and welcome in the club of debutants;-)

  2. Svein Baera

    Excellent! Release party in Slependen on April 11th?

  3. Bente Kalsnes

    Hey, you smug changemaker. Nice little blog you got over here. I have another question for you. What do you prefere – movies with or without heart on their sleaves?

  4. Andreas Brekke

    Hei alle som skriver engelsk selv om dere ikke mener det! Slutt med det! Dere driter dere ut (akkurat som Tormod)… eller, oops, satser du på å nå ut til et internasjonalt publikum Eirik?

  5. Andreas Brekke

    Pent bilde forresten. Godt å se litt ironi her!

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